Introducing StewPolley Tools

As mentioned in my “year in review” post, I mentioned wanting to release tools that others may find useful in their day to day lives.

I am glad to say that today marks the start of that, with going live today. My first tool I’m calling “Timezone Aligner” – It’s the same as many other tools out there, I can hardly take credit for an original design. The other tools out there didn’t suit my needs though. Living in Queensland (AEST), we don’t have Daylight savings. Many of the other Timezone converters out there don’t take this into account, and when you try to convert Australian Eastern Standard Time to Central Standard Time, if the other Australian states are observing Daylight savings, you simply couldn’t get these other tools to work.

This tool takes this into account, and I like to think it’s a nice clean interface. I’m not a front end designer though, so feel free to tell me I’m wrong about that!

You can access my Timezone Aligner here.