Recommended Reading

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading my posts, but you may be wanting to get more! I’d love to post more often, but here’s a simple list of some other authors that I find useful and informative.

Individual Bloggers

Here’s some specific individuals who’s blogs I follow, and find useful.

Troy Hunt

Troy focuses on teaching developers designing their applications in a secure manner, offering courses on Security-by-design etc. His blog offers an insight into some simple ways you can help keep your websites and apps secure, from a code point of view as well as some infrastructure help. He also runs the Have I Been Pwned service, and so offers a unique perspective on Data Breaches and privacy issues resulting from mass collection of data by companies.

Scott Helme

Scott is a UK based Security researcher, looking primarily at different ways of keeping the content of your website secure. Scott runs the Security Headers service, and with the help of Troy Hunt, also runs Reports URI, which helps websites monitor Content-Security-Policy issues.

Lars Klint

Lars is a freelance developer based in Australia. He has a large number of Pluralsight courses available, and is an advocate for HTTPS Everywhere.

Michal Spacek

I’ve only recently come across Michal, but I’ve been enjoying his content and hope to see more of his work in the future.

Organisation Blogs

Sometimes, it’s not an individual person who writes an article, but a group of people. Here’s some companies whose blogs I also find worthwhile reading.


I really wish I could put this one under “Individuals” as I’d like to link to Scott Arciszewski’s personal blog, but he does it all through his employer. That’s absolutely fine though as even the articles he doesn’t write are still great to read too. Paragon release a number of great articles looking at security and cryptography, primarily with PHP in mind.

Slack’s Engineering Blog

Slack’s Engineering blog offer a great insight into what it takes to build and run one of the largest chat platforms in the world (if not the largest…)